Your career at DELTA

What ifsuccess was just a question of the right partner.

What if major challenges were child’s play for DELTA? What if handing over responsibility means more security for the client? Then the employees are in a company that thinks and acts innovatively and holistically. A company that has set itself the goal of creating and securing long-term value in accordance with people, the environment and costs.

DELTA – successful since 1977

DELTA is one of the leading Austrian companies in the fields of architecture, design and build and construction management. With around 160 employees DELTA Group is represented by eight subsidiary companies in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine. In 2013 the company generated a fee income of around €13m. Each year DELTA manages construction projects with a total value of over €1 bn.

Services by DELTA – added value for clients

DELTA is a one-stop service provider with a red line  service for an optimized construction process and a green line  service for construction optimized over the whole life cycle. DELTA provides the most important design and management services in the erection of buildings. The specialists from the various disciplines at DELTA are thus responsible for an all-round and expert service. Our portfolio comprises architecture, design and build, construction management, procurement and contract management, computing & IT .

Tobias Zielgemayer

” What I like about my job in the architectural department of DELTA is that I can be creative. I find it fascinating how you can create an individual appearance in a building with various materials. It is also important for me to be able to work independently and to take responsibility for my work. I also very much appreciate the opportunity to exchange ideas with architects on other sites. I really enjoy working together in a solution-oriented and dedicated team developing optimal outcomes for our clients.”

Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Ziegelmeyer

Designer in DELTA’s architectural section