Career and family

Kradischnig mit Familie
What ifsatisfaction and performance orientation went together.

What if health and commitment were of equal importance? Then you have an employer for whom it is important to balance the well-being of the employee with that of the company.

Work-life balance

DELTA not only places a high priority on corporate culture and DELTA values, but also on providing good conditions for its staff. For that reason DELTA asked about employees’ needs in relation to work-life balance supports them as far as possible in achieving a balance that is satisfactory and conducive to the objectives of both DELTA and the employee.

The image of DELTA is essentially characterised, among other things, by customer orientation, perfect customer service and reliability. An important basis for the successful development of this and other strengths is our support for a balanced relationship between work and private life. DELTA has developed a family-friendly management culture over several years with its Career and Family Audit 2013 it took a further step in its promotion of the corporate values of mutual esteem, sustainability and durability.

Heike Leonhardt

“Every day my job brings me into contact with people from different walks of life, whether it’s clients, tradespeople or authorities. I really appreciate this social interaction. I also enjoy the collaboration with my colleagues. It’s nice to successfully complete a project together with an awareness of quality and customer orientation.”

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Heike Leonhardt

Project leader and designer at DELTA