Corporate culture

What ifour corporate culture brought you sustainable benefits.

What if you worked in a corporate culture of respectful treatment, mutual trust and active collaboration? What if motivation and a commitment to quality are inextricably linked to your work? Then you are working in a company that creates an environment for its employees that is founded on a stable system of values and awareness for the importance of durability. DELTA operates with a vision that is also reflected in our values.


For DELTA esteem means

  • Respect, trust and dependability
    We treat our customers, partners and employees with respect.
  • A culture of open and respectful communication
    We are mindful with our words, listen actively to others, address conflicts, work together to find solutions and practise an honest feedback culture.
  • Humanity
    We see people as individuals with their own abilities, skills and personalities.

Entrepreneurial thinking and sustainability

For DELTA these mean

  • Durability and stability
    Our actions are oriented towards the business over the long term. We value achievement. We build on our past. and present successes and experience.
  • Sustainable and innovative thinking and action
    We have set ourselves the objective of shaping the future responsibly. We therefore think ahead and incorporate the possible effects of our actions in our work.

Mutual support and the development of the individual

For DELTA these mean achieving more in a team than when working alone. We strengthen team spirit and cooperation within the DELTA Group as well as with customers and partners – for the benefit of every individual.

  • Responsibility and team spirit… within the DELTA Group
    We exploit our strengths by actively sharing knowledge, experience and resources internally and in construction projects.
  • Active involvement… of customers and partners
    Our thinking and action is oriented towards common objectives.
  • Further training and development
    We are constantly working to improve ourselves. That is why DELTA supports the individual strengths and potential of its managers and staff.
  • Optimizing our range of services
    We are working continuously on our services–for the benefit of our customers.
  • Courage to change and progress
    We rely on the tried and tested and combine it with the new. It is with this aim we are further developing the DELTA Group in a sustainable and forward-looking way.
Hildegard Utermöhlen

“My field of work is very varied and demands a great deal of technical know-how. And that’s why I find it so exciting. I also particularly like the fact that every day is stimulating and that I’m continually asked to come up with creative and technically feasible solutions. That can be very demanding, but at the same time it’s very rewarding. What I also like about my job at DELTA are the many opportunities for further training.”

Dipl.-Ing. Hildegard Utermöhlen

Construction project manager at DELTA