Welcome to DELTA, the building experts!


By choosing DELTA you have at your side a partner who will implement your building projects with a level of responsibility, quality and integrity that is unique in the construction industry. A partner that creates added value by operating holistically, systematically and innovatively. If DELTA is responsible for your project, you have a specialist who will personally accompany you through the entire project, because he is able to provide the best possible expertise in all the specialist aspects of architecture, design and build and construction management.


When you appoint DELTA then you have a partner you can rely on to think of everything

… something we have been doing for almost 40 years. Since the company was founded in 1977, the DELTA Group has stood for continuous development and the consistent expansion of its portfolio. DELTA has not only founded its own subsidiary that supplies innovative computing and IT services, the group also has its own in-house legal specialists, who will ensure your project achieves legal certainty even in the particularly legally demanding countries of Eastern Europe. Including the branches in Třebíč (Czech Republic), Bratislava (Slovakia) and Kiev (Ukraine), DELTA has 160 employees, whose commitment and vision is impressive.

DELTA – Your experts in architecture, design and build and construction management

In addition to creative architecture, that optimally combines aesthetic and functional requirements, we can also provide a holistic, systematic project delivery as a one-stop provider of design and build services and as construction managers. With DELTA you also have the support of specialists in procurement and information management. We organise the construction project completely around your objectives: We can either optimize the construction costs (DELTA red line service) or the whole life costs of the building (DELTA green line). With DELTA red line the focus is on the precise implementation of your current requirements for the building and the achievement of the lowest possible construction costs. With our green line service you go a step further by constructing a property that provides maximum flexibility in potential future changes of use and additionally fulfils long-term environmental and economic aspects of the project.

Are you planning an extension or a new build? Or do you want to revitalise your existing building in terms of a sustainable refurbishment – perhaps without interrupting the existing operation? Whatever the case may be, having DELTA as your partner means having the best possible expertise in all specialist areas for the implementation of your project. We will develop the ideal solutions for you and deal with the technical, legal and financial challenges. In doing so our we apply our experience and expertise adopt a holistic and systematic approach –from the initial concept through architecture and overall design coordination to project management and site supervision with a phased handover for the start smooth operation of your building. In addition, we can also provide legally watertight project monitoring through our in-house legal experts and Datenpool, a web-based project platform for a more economic and efficient management of your project.

We play a leading role in the field of sustainability and support you on the path to achieving your building optimized for whole life cycle costs.

For this DELTA has unique centres of competence for construction projects of every magnitude and objectives in the fields of commercial/industrial, retail, health and education, offices and residential.