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With almost 40 years experience we well understand the requirements of the building industry – but first and foremost, we understand the needs and requirements of our customers. In order to realise these requirements in as a successful and optimal way as possible we have developed a range of products – each with the aim of taking into account in varying degrees, the economic, sustainable and social aspects. This enables DELTA to create added value.

Red line SlogankastenRed line Slogankasten, Englisch

DELTA red line: optimising construction costs

With DELTA red line  the emphasis is on the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the construction process – a concept that supports an intelligent and holistic approach to building. It is concerned with minimizing construction costs and fulfilling the customer’s current requirements for the building.

DELTA red line
DELTA green line
DELTA products
Green line Slogankasten, Englisch

DELTA green line: optimising costs over the whole life cycle of the building

With DELTA green line   the focus is on sustainability with regard to the environmental, social and functional dimensions that ideally complement the economic aspect. Here it is the individual, the environment and the life cycle of the building that come to the fore. The long-term stable value of the building is ensured by the project being oriented towards the optimization of life cycle costs over the whole useful life of the building.

teambau: Maximum cost certainty and value creation

Experience shows that conventionally implemented construction projects never run perfectly smoothly. teambau solves this problem and creates a consensual way of excluding egotism and profit chasing. In doing so DELTA has opted for a team culture that creates economic building processes and safeguards the fulfilment of customer objectives.

Datenpool: Simple. Secure. Efficient.

Datenpool  makes a significant contribution to the smooth running of your project. Acting like a virtual filing cabinet, it provides all project participants with a structured filing system, sophisticated search functions, simple communication and end-to-end documentation.  Project communication and organisation has never been easier than with Datenpool.