What ifthe innovative Datenpool provides you with efficiency and cost certainty.

What if long searches for documents, lost emails, and apportioning blame were things of the past? What if you could secure benefits that are decisive for the success of your project? That is exactly what you can do with Datenpool. Datenpool is a software package for perfect project management, which provides you with a structured filing system, extensive search functions, simple communication and end-to-end documentation.

Datenpool – simple and mobile data management

Datenpool functions like a virtual filing cabinet for cooperation across corporate boundaries which all participants can use to file, distribute and download documents. Datenpool is a web-based platform that can be accessed by common web browsers, but which does not need to be installed on the computer. Datenpool is a software package for optimal project management that does not require any investment in hardware, software or security. Datenpool can also be used with tablets or smartphones without the need for installing apps.

Innovative filter functions and rapid approval management

Datenpool has a sophisticated filter function that, in seconds, can pinpoint and display the desired document, email or drawing from a pool of thousands of data entries. These search functions are not only thought out down to the last detail but can also be combined with each other as required, which achieves an unparalleled efficiency in locating data. So in just two clicks Datenpool can call up an overview of all documents that have not been approved. Potential project delays due to unapproved documents can be detected at lightning speed This guarantees a rapid response time, which is of decisive importance for programme management in construction projects. Approval control has never been easier with Datenpool .

Security through documentation and mobile

Datenpool protects you from the whims and delaying tactics of other users. As software for optimal project management the system documents all processing steps, while precise traceability is guaranteed for the clarification of misunderstandings and responsibilities. Through its login via a mobile phone signature, Datenpool offers a new method of operating in a legally watertight fashion.

Datenpool: Simple. Secure. Efficient.

Due to its modular structure and many configurable functions Datenpool is a system suitable for projects and companies of all sizes and from all sectors. If you wish to ensure security and the maximum cost-effectiveness in the project we will be happy to introduce all the advantages of Datenpool and show you how you too can benefit from them. Call us now!

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