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What ifthe most natural thing made the most economic sense.

Those who build sustainably have time on their side. It is a fact that the operation of a building accounts for approximately 80% of the overall cost, 17% is accounted for by construction and about 3% due to design costs. That means that from the long-term perspective, sustainable construction or green building is the least expensive option. This is simply because the higher construction costs are offset by lower operating costs.

With DELTA green line we optimize buildings with regard to environmental, economic, and sociocultural aspects – the maximum form of sustainable construction. By this we mean practical sustainability which DELTA can achieve for you with architecture, design and build and construction management  while at the same time making savings in life cycle costs. The aim of DELTA green line is to secure the long-term stable value of the building, to improve the people’s well-being and to increase environmental compatibility.

green line – sustainable construction of the highest calibre

DELTA integrates all project participants into an interdisciplinary working team. So for example, for the architects from DELTA, this means incorporating sustainable requirements and environmental factors in the architecture, so that they support the aesthetic, functional and economic requirements. Sustainable construction also means making provisions for later modifications and changes of use. DELTA supports you in identifying uses which could arise in the future.

Defined deadlines, costs and quality standards are decisive success factors, especially when the dimension of sustainability has to be taken into consideration. In sustainable construction precision in certification  and documentation has an even higher importance in order to ensure the defined quality standards. It therefore requires even more extensive legal knowledge in the fields of technology, business, building biology and sustainability.

Sustainable architecture and green building for future generations

DELTA green line is our answer to the question: how  can you add and secure added value over the long term and do it in harmony with people, the environment and costs? Therefore sustainable construction is also a sign of responsibility to future generations. We will be happy to tell you about DELTA green line and the economic benefits sustainable construction can provide. Contact us today!