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What ifsecurity and cost-effectiveness could guarantee the success of your project.

teambau ensures you can rely on the maximum value creation and cost certainty of your project. This is simply because an experienced, well-functioning team of the best contracting companies is committed to fulfilling your objectives and needs. A team in which every single member takes responsibility for costs and the success of the project. teambau stands for a culture of team orientation, fairness, mutual esteem and trust. A culture that creates economic building processes.

Team-spirit makes projects really easy

Experience shows that conventionally implemented construction projects never run perfectly smoothly Misunderstandings, errors in coordination and other weak points lead to the need for unproductive meetings – and in extreme cases to a temporary project standstill. With active team building, conflict prevention and forward-looking process management, teambau offers a fundamentally different consensual route.

Interdisciplinary expertise for optimal achievement of objectives

With teambau DELTA in Austria is pioneering the change in the culture of construction projects. On the one hand these changes affect the organisation of the project process based on specially developed project phases, and on the other, the project culture which is oriented towards teamwork and fairness. teambau excludes egotism and profit chasing in order to promote cooperation within the project team. With an ideal process organisation and a culture of common values teambau ensures that the experience and knowledge of the various specialist areas are blended together for the optimal fulfilment of your requirements.

We will be happy to provide you with more information about the possibilities that teambau offers.