H&M Salzburg

About This Project


H&M Hennes and Mauritz GmbH


  •     Project period: Oct. 2017 – Dec. 2017

Services of DELTA:

  • Project and construction management on the side of
    • “teambau” – General contractor
    • “teambau” process management of the entire construction services
  • Contract management (consultation of “teambau” in the contract negotiations with H&M)
  • Datenpool



  • Remodeling during operation
  • Special workflow concept coordinated with H&M for execution during operation (daily schedule).
  • Work only at night. The shop had to be clean again by the time the shop opens at 9:00.
  • No restrictions for the shop during business hours.
  • No downturn during the renovation phase.
  • The daily schedule was 100% respected – no delays.
  • The H&M project manager and the shop manager were very satisfied with the entire process and the result of the temperature improvement in the entrance- and shop area on the ground floor