H&M Wels, Ringstraße

About This Project

H&M Hennes und Mauritz GmbH


  • Project duration: September 2017 – November 2017
  • Area: 780 m2 (sales area + back office)

Services of DELTA

  • Project and construction management by the ‘teambau’ general company
  • ‘teambau’ process management of all building services
  • Contract management (advising ‘teambau’ in the contract negotiations with H&M)
  • Datenpool


  • Renovation work during ongoing operation
  • Special operation concept agreed with H&M for implementation during ongoing operation (daily schedule).
  • No restrictions for the shop during opening hours.
  • No drop in business during the renovation.
  • The daily schedule was 100% maintained – no delays.
  • The H&M project manager and the shop manager were very happy with the overall implementation and with the outcome of the refresh.