IFA Tulln

About This Project



  • Completion: March 2017
  • Net floor area of the new building: ~ 1,300m2

DELTA services:

  • Architecture (Arge SWAP Architekten with DELTA)
  • Site supervision
  • Tender Preparation
  • Procurement & Processing
  • Integrative overall coordination

Special features:

  • Architecture for one of the first laboratory and education buildings in Austria to be built from wood
  • Low-energy house standard
  • High degree of flexibility in the space design: none of the partition walls in the building are load-bearing
  • Comfort for the users: optimum combination of the external sun blind and internal glare protection; workstations only directly next to the windows
  • Fundamentally shorter building phase due to the high level of prefabrication of the wooden construction

The jury’s assessment
‘The project intends to be simple in its structure of clear buildings which develops the existing campus typology as a free-standing building. The three-fold floor plan convinces both with its functionality and also with the different room qualities to be expected. The use of wood as a construction component is consistently applied in its material specifics and generates both inside and outside its own atmosphere or a distinctive aesthetic. From a user’s point of view, the 3-fold arrangement means it is only a short way between the office and laboratory. At the same time, there is a clear allocation of the corridors to the laboratory and office zones.’