About This Project

Multikraft Holding GmbH


  • Project duration: 10/2016-03/2017
  • Construction period: 8 month
  • Start of construction: 05/2016
  • Construction costs: EUR 6,8 Mio.
  • New Warehouse: 1.500 m²
  • Reconstruction of the production hall during ongoing operation: 1.000 m²
  • New office spaces: 650 m²
  • Open space and parking area : 4.000 m²
  • New Pavilon: 580 m²

Services of DELTA

  • Tender Preparation
  • Site Supervision
  • Project Management

“Keeping the production running and driving forward the annexe, modification and expansion was certainly the biggest challenge for the client and the construction project,” explains Ingo Huber, Managing Director and Construction Project Manager at DELTA Client Statement.

Client Statement
“We built nearly six months, in part on four components in parallel during operation. But everything worked well.”Lukas Hader, Managing Director, Multikraft


Link to the project video