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About This Project

Vienna Networks


  • Excavated material: approximately 270,000 t
  • Concrete: 82,000 m²
  • Steel: approximately 10,000 t
  • Cranes: 8 tower cranes during the structural phase
  • On-site labour: 500 (maximum)
  • Gross floor area: 100,000 m² GFA
  • Staff numbers: The new HQ will accommodate 3,000 employees previously spread over 7 different locations
  • Length of construction site: 350 m – That is approximately the length of a cruise liner
  • Construction costs: €200 M
  • Completion: July 2016

Services provided by DELTA
Project control in the Drees & Sommer and DELTA Smart Campus joint venture

Shell works running in parallel with organisational restructuring on the client side
The new Vienna Networks corporate headquarters is a major office project. With construction costs amounting to 200 million euros, the project is one of the most impressive of current office buildings. The project is currently one of the largest construction sites in Austria.
Major projects always require good project control skills, particularly when the organisational development is still ongoing while construction is in progress. That was the case here, with the shell works for the new corporate headquarters taking place in parallel with the fusion of the two companies Vienna Energy Power Network and Vienna Energy Gas Network into Vienna Networks.

A smart campus with smart project development
From the client’s point of view, if the teamwork is functioning properly, the battle is already half won. The joint venture carried out a team-building workshop, in which the client, consultants and the main contractor took part – an investment that definitely paid off. All members of the project team pull together, working towards a common goal, to produce a high quality property for the client.

Photos: Vienna Networks – Christian Houdek