Architecture – from residential to industrial

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What ifaesthetics and function ideally complemented each other.

Do you want your building optimally designed to meet your individual requirements and financial objectives? Whether it is a hospital, offices, shopping centre or an educational building – DELTA architects will develop innovative solutions tailored to meet your requirements with impressive functional, aesthetic and economic characteristics. Whether it is the convenience and well-being of well-being of the residents in housing, or fitness for purpose and economic viability in industrial buildings – a building should serve the needs of the people who live or work in it. DELTA employs the full range of possibilities that architecture can offer.

If you want to focus on the sustainability of your building, we will fully consider the life cycle of your property. In doing so DELTA lays the foundations for the long-term stable value of your building.

Sustainable architecture is the future of buildings

At DELTA architecture goes far beyond the aesthetic and economic aspects. For DELTA the future sustainability and flexibility of buildings are always paramount, whether it is a new build, extension or refurbishment, not least because, over the whole life cycle, sustainable and forward-looking buildings are more cost-effective. With their passion for detail, the architects at DELTA know how to incorporate sustainable requirements and environmental factors into the design.

Architecture by DELTA reflects the wishes of the customer

Let one of our architects give you a presentation (without obligation) showing how we translate the requirements of our customers into optimal results – we are looking forward to implementing your construction project.

Arch. Dipl.-Ing. Konrad Scheibl CEO, architecture, DELTA green line

Architekt Dipl.-Ing. Konrad Scheibl