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What ifsuccess was just a question of finding the right partner.

Technological advance is the key to successful construction projects. Modern building projects present clients with numerous challenges – the enormous responsibility for containing costs as well as construction risks, are not even among the most demanding of these tasks. These tasks must be dealt with professionally, particularly in public sector projects, which require the highest standards of efficiency and transparency. This is best achieved with professional IT project management from a single source, together with all of the necessary additional services.

DELTA can provide you with an experienced team of top IT project specialists, who are experts in all the relevant fields from operating systems, network technology and groupware to CAD. In doing so, the main focus is always on achieving the best possible organisation and implementation of your building process. Our services are grouped in the following subdivisions:

  • Datenpool
  • IT project management
  • IT services
  • IT planning

IT solutions from DELTA are individually tailored to your requirements – from the all-round support for your IT projects, through to special tasks of IT project management to the installation and maintenance of servers, network administration and everything to do with storage backup and security.

DELTA Datenpool: optimal IT project management with specialist software

Your construction process could benefit from optimal organisation thanks to software exclusively developed by DELTA for perfect information management. DELTA Datenpool is a central information platform providing many advantages that are critical to the success of construction projects.

  • Structured file storage
  • Extensive search functions
  • Simple communication
  • End-to-end documentation

Your IT projects in the best hands: DELTA

Do not leave anything to chance – put your IT project management in the hands of specialists who understand what is important to you. Whether you would like to find out more about DELTA Datenpool or have a special IT project in mind – we are here to help. You can contact our IT project management specialists here and now, just give us a call!

David Greiner - Geschäftsführer Delta

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