Procurement law: Procurement Management by DELTA

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What iflegal security could be taken for granted.

DELTA can support you in terms of procurement law in the award of construction, supply and service contracts for the project. If you are a public client i.e. a public authority,(in Austria that includes not only the federal government, the federal states and municipal authorities, but also private bodies that are predominantly publicly financed) then you are required to satisfy complex requirements in the organisation of the procurement process, and thus have little room for manoeuvre. Due to the peculiarities of Austrian procurement law in comparison to private procurement processes and the dynamic development in this branch of law, challenges can arise that are difficult to manage without the appropriate expertise. If required DELTA can carry out the entire procurement process for you. We can provide comprehensive support from deciding the best procurement strategy, compiling the tender conditions through to an examination of the tenders and award of the contract.

The management of the procurement process is a regular part of our daily work for our clients. Our legal specialists know Austrian procurement law inside out and can exclude potential pitfalls for you in advance. That will give you security and the confidence not to have overlooked anything.

The procurement process: the efficient route to your optimal contractors

If DELTA is responsible for your project you can face the required procurement process with confidence. You can rely on a confident project implementation, particularly with regard to tenders , an area which requires considerable experience of the pitfalls of procurement law and extensive expertise. Our experts work with standardised methods to guarantee high standards and a thorough examination of the subcontractors’ tenders.

Legal security is not a luxury – procurement process with DELTA

Construction projects are subject to all sorts of legal provisions. In particular, procurement processes are subject to complicated regulations and must be strictly implemented in order to avoid any nasty surprises. DELTA will support you through the procurement process and provide you with legal security. We will be pleased to inform you about this subject in more detail – call us to make an initial appointment without obligation with our legal specialist.

Mag. René Noisternig

Mag. René Noisternig