DELTA gave a lecture on Building Information Modelling in Jihlava


On the 27th of March, the Czech Chamber of Architects and Certified Engineers (ČKAIT) held another workshop in the series of seminars for planners, architects and other construction specialists to provide more information and the latest available news on planning in BIM. DELTA, one of the major planning offices in the Vysočina Region, was invited as the main speaker of the event to present their experience from practice. Bringing in real projects, DELTA demonstrated their own experience with planning and preparation of their construction projects with the help of Building Information Modelling.

Recently, BIM has been one of the hot topics in the Czech construction industry. Numerous specialized associations, societies and events related to the introduction of BIM in Czech projects have been established. Naturally, all experts want to know when the Czech Republic will ride this innovative wave with the support of the Czech Government and relevant authorities in full swing.

A currently prepared extensive project for a significant German investor involved in the automotive industry was one of the presented projects. As general planner, DELTA is now developing the project in BIM while using the 4D and 5D standard including time and cost management. In the seminar organized for the expert community, DELTA demonstrated some of the proven procedures, interconnection of processes and other experience from working with BIM.

Ing. Martin Pejchal was the main speaker as BIM expert from DELTA who, together with Ing. Karel Vaverka, chairman of ČKAIT, discussed also other BIM-related topics. This included topics like the introduction of BIM in the Czech Republic, related legislation, interagency cooperation on implementing the tasks related to BIM and financial, HR and material support for the introduction of the BIM method by the Czech Government. Also, questions asked by the participants of the seminar regarding the implementation of this process into construction projects were discussed.