DELTA project management for the new office building DOCK 04 in Prague


Entrusted with the role of the project manager, DELTA has been managing and coordinating the construction of the 10-storey office building DOCK 04 since February 2018 in Prague’s district Libeň, near the Palmovka underground station. The investor and future lessor is the Crestyl development company.

The DOCK project includes office buildings and new apartments – some of them are already completed and used and some of them are now under construction. The entire complex is built around the Vltava River. It creates a complementary “magical world” of peace, greenery and water. It’s an ideal place with easy accessibility and also suitable for work, relaxation, meeting with friends, sports and cultural use and, of course, with a variety of community facilities. The office building DOCK 04 is the fourth administrative building of the complex that is realized by Crestyl. Currently, design studies for DOCK 05 are implemented to continue the successful series of development projects. The complex is not only surrounded by the Vltava River, but there will also be a central park, jogging track, tennis courts, golf courses and a floating restaurant – in short, plentiful facilities that will, in addition to office premises, provide opportunities for active sport and enjoyable relaxation for the employees working there.

Josef Prokeš, project manager of DELTA, who was responsible for cost management, technical supervision, OSH coordinaton and coordinaton of tenants, said: “Right now, we are in the process of founding the building and the follow-up construction of the vertical walls on the third floor. The construction work started in July 2018. According to the construction schedule, the building will be ready for the final approval in March 2020“.

Dock 01

This building will offer about 23.000 m2 of office premises on seven floors. There will also be three underground floors to provide enough parking space and technical facilities. In addition to the reception and lobby, the ground floor will accommodate stores, restaurants, cafés, bars, music clubs and fitness activities to enhance the comfort of tenants.

Erik Štefanovič, CEO of DELTA Czech Republic, noted that the whole building is built according to the LEED GOLD standard. “This is an environmental certification that confirms and proves the extraordinary features of the building. If a building achieves a rating this high, it has lower impacts on the environment and its operational costs are also lower. The market value of such building is on average 20% higher.  

The architecture of the building was designed by Schindler Seko Architects. Future tenants are now spotted. Due to the LEED GOLD quality standard, bigger international corporations might show their interest. The investment in this 10-floor office building that will be opened in spring 2020 is worth approximately 1 billion Czech crowns.“