Fischamend Music and Elementary School: Revitalization for School Start

Fischamend Music and Elementary School

In September, the school began again for all elementary school students, but for the children, parents and teachers in Fischamend (Lower Austria), it was a particularly exciting start; the renovation and the new building have been completed and the music and elementary school now offer enough space for more students. On the 19th of October, the renovated music and elementary school were ceremoniously opened. DELTA was responsible for the project as general planner together with the architectural office Franz Besin.

In the last two years, the school has been rebuilt during ongoing operation. Construction work that could not be carried out during the school year was carried out during the summer holidays. Summer 2018 was a real challenge due to the short construction period of only 9 weeks and the heat. After the 6-week conversion phase in this year’s summer holidays, the completion by the first school day 2019/20 has finally succeeded.

Fischamend Music and Elementary School

Tobias Ziegelmeyer, architect and project manager at DELTA, describes: “There was a very good atmosphere in the general planning team and in the interaction with the client. As general planners, we were able to optimally support the people on-site thanks to our network and the comprehensive control of the companies”.

Thomas Bäuml, Fischamend city council and client representative, is very satisfied with the result: “The project was probably unique in the history of the Fischamend municipality, both in terms of the financial outlay and the scope and logistics. Mastering the challenges was only possible because the project team, Tobias Ziegelmeyer and Reinhard Drechsler, did a great job. But also, the understanding of all involved users of the school was great, so that there were hardly any points of friction during the whole construction period. As the client, I would implement projects in this constellation again at all times.”

Fischamend Music and Elementary School

It was also a particular challenge to create the structural separation between the primary school and the music school and to make the transition between the existing building and the new one as seamless as possible at the same time. The thermal renovation saves substantial resources and the new building could be connected to the existing building in a thermally optimal way. Architect Reinhard Drechsler from the Besin office, representing the general planner for the local construction supervision, was on site almost every day to meet the needs of the users and the client in the best possible way. With the commitment and experience of those involved, it was possible to complete such intensive and at the same time ongoing work quickly.

“We are very pleased that we were able to support the community in such an important step by renovating the school. Educational buildings are particularly important to us because there, our future is shaped,” explains Wolfgang Kradischnig, CEO and company spokesman at DELTA.

Architect Franz Besin is delighted with the successful completion of the project: “Being able to play a major role in the design of a school building in the community in which I have lived and worked for many years is a great honor for me”.

Opening of the Music and Elementary School in Fischamend

Opening of the Music and Elementary School in Fischamend / Photo: Stefanie Cajka, NÖN