Grand opening of the new mega plant Jabil


In March 2019, the American electronics manufacturer Jabil expanded its production facility with the completion of the second construction phase and opened it in the village of Rosiwka in Ukraine. In January 2018, construction work started during ongoing operation. The production capacity was doubled with the newly built production facility including a warehouse. Currently, the total area of ​​the plant is almost 47.000 m2. DELTA was responsible for the technical supervision and accompanying control in this project.

Due to the fire safety regulations, the planning and construction requirements in the second construction phase were particularly strict. One of the requirements was for example the planning and installation of the automatic fire extinguishing system under much stricter standards than in Ukraine.

Jabil is insured by the international industrial insurance FM Global*. Compliance with FM Global standards ensures the best possible fire insurance for the company and counteracts the development of fire by using current fire safety measures under official requirements. This allowed Jabil to meet the HPR- (Highly Protected Risk) standard.


Jabil has been active in the electronics market for over 50 years now and is one of the three largest electronics manufacturers in the world. Jabil produces elements and a variety of components for various electronic devices that are used at home, at work or even in the hospital; from fitness bracelets to phones and medical equipment.

The business- and development history of Jabil in Ukraine began in 2004. For two years, it was possible to produce in the rented factory areas before a new plant was built. In September 2007, a new plant with a total area of ​​26.000 m2 was opened in the village of Rosivka in Uzhhorod district (Transcarpathian region) and expanded together with DELTA in 2018.

Jabil owns more than 100 production facilities in 26 countries, with the Uzhhorod plant being one of the so-called “mega factories” (a production facility with more than 3.000 employees). Overall, there are three production plants of this size throughout Europe, of which only the Ukrainian plant increases its production output. Due to the importance of the production plant for the region, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko also attended the grand opening.


* FM Global stands for a fire safety system developed by the Insurance Company FactoryMutual, which specializes in the insurance of industrial equipment and commercial real estate. Today, FM Global is acknowledged worldwide. Compliance with FM Global Standards reduces the risk of damage and likelihood of loss in emergencies in many countries.