How to win the hearts of new countries (and customers) – Best Practice in Germany

DELTA Team at work

Moving in unknown territory has never been easy. However, breaking new ground is essential for the further development of companies and all of our business of tomorrow. For DELTA, this means: Next stop – Germany! And so, our project manager Manuel Neyder and our planner Alexander Knoll set out at the beginning of the year after a number of projects already completed in Germany to conquer the stormy north of the country.

With partnership-based cooperation as the foundation, our project manager never forgot one thing: to stand by the customer for the common goal until the end. Addressing obstacles openly and proactively and involving all those concerned ultimately led to adherence to costs and deadlines in several projects and a satisfied client.

“It makes us proud to have won the trust of customers in Germany as an Austrian team. Despite all the differences in the construction process, we were able to demonstrate our great efficiency here as well. Customer feedback on our completed construction projects is consistently positive”, says Manuel Neyder, describing his project experience in Austria’s neighboring country.

Due to our early switch to digitalization in our everyday business and our experience with numerous projects across countries and locations, it was easily possible for DELTA to be accessible and fully operational for customers, partners, and contractors in the usual quality even in this time of crisis.

From Bavaria and the Ruhr area to the Mecklenburg Lake District: After 5 successfully completed projects, DELTA is currently managing 7 ongoing projects throughout Germany. Anyone who gains so much experience naturally learns something from it – and we are happy to share this knowledge with you!

In our overview, we want to show you the differences in the construction process between Austria and Germany:



In Austria, there is no preliminary building application before the building request

Preliminary building application: With a preliminary building application it is possible to clarify even before the building application whether the project can be approved in general and is compatible with building law.


The application for a building permit:  There are state building codes that refer to standards and other laws. The building negotiations are handled according to the type of building application. Depending on the state building regulations, a confirmation of the test engineer is required after completion.

Building application: There are state building codes that refer to other laws and standards. There are no construction negotiations in general. During the construction process, test engineers have to be commissioned or are already commissioned by the authorities to test fire protection, statics and more. With a partial building permit, individual works, components or construction phases can be approved even before the building permit is issued.

Operating plant permit: Separately, an application for a permit under commercial law must also be submitted.

In some state building codes, no separate approval procedure is necessary, e.g. with regard to trade law, but is included in the building permit. These other public legal requirements, such as trade law or workplace regulations, must therefore also be taken into account.