Kindergarten Pernau: Convincing design on a pristine site

Visualisation Kindergarten Pernau

Childcare in Wels is being expanded – with a new kindergarten in the district Pernau. The full-service provider DELTA from Wels prevailed over several architectural firms and was awarded the contract for the new kindergarten. Although only a presentation of costs, deadlines and quality was required in addition to the offer, the DELTA team already delivered a well-thought-out overall concept. The new location should offer space for six kindergarten groups and two crèches. In addition to the rooms for the kindergarten groups and crèches, the building also has dining rooms as well as exercise and relaxation rooms on a net floor area of 1.280 m2. In order to make orientation easier, the group rooms are color-coded both inside and in the garden. The vertical elements made of wood and metal have been adapted to the logo of Wels in their color scheme to create a high identification for the users in the building. The kindergarten groups are also inspired by the logo of Wels and are named after its colors.

Play, fun and lots of nature

Each kindergarten group gets 500m2 of play area. But that’s not all, because also, loving details were included for the little ones in the planning process; the “snack forest” and the “snack garden” on the play area offer fresh apples, pears and berries directly from the trees or bushes. In addition, the “craft forest” with chestnuts, maple and beech will provide material for creative activities very close to the kindergarten. Slides, swings and balancing are part of the program as well as a sandbox and a roller coaster. A total of 4.820m2 of outdoor space with native plants is available to eight groups.

Visualisation Kindergarten Pernau

Good planning is half the job 

The DELTA team was able to convince with the design – the focus, however, was not only on a harmonious and functional building, but also on a good solution in terms of costs, deadlines and quality. The optimal location for the new kindergarten was found with the pristine site in Pernau. The location also offers the possibility of expanding the kindergarten for three additional groups, which were already taken into account in the building concept.

Wolfgang Kradischnig, CEO and company spokesman at DELTA, is pleased about the joint project: “Being allowed to plan a kindergarten for the youngest of our population is a special honor for us at DELTA.”

Konrad Scheibl, Managing Director and architect at DELTA, explains the design: “Visiting the kindergarten or the crèche is the start of a new exciting phase in the life of the little ones. The building is conceptualized in order to make them feel safe and comfortable quickly in the new situation and to inspire them positively with many attractions.”