Project management for Eurotherme Bad Schallerbach

Green light for refurbishment while Relaxium thermal spa and leisure pool remains open

The re-opening has already been set for October 2015 – an ambitious target for a project in a building remaining operational and with high quality design and materials. DELTA is responsible for the project management of the €11 M project. DELTA’s efficient project platform Datenpool is also being used.

Refurbishment of an occupied building – the ultimate discipline of project management
The existing Relaxium sauna complex is being stripped back to the shell, while the adjoining spa facilities are remaining open. “As project managers, it is our responsibility to minimise the noise level and restrictions on the guests by long-term and detailed planning of the work and an optimal operational concept,” says Wolfang Kradischnig, managing director and company spokesman for DELTA, explaining the challenges of building in a facility open to the public. The highest priority is not to impair the enjoyment of the guests.

High quality standards for a 4-star showcase project.
The client wants the new sauna wellness area to set new standards. The scheme promises design of the highest standard, including a 4-star chalet lounging area. “Here it is all about finding the balance between the legal standards and the implementation of the mountain village concept,” says Ingo Huber, the DELTA executive director responsible for construction management.

An ambitious construction phase on a tight budget
A construction phase of six months is very short for a project of this magnitude. Coupled with a tight budget, a high standard of finish and an occupied building, this amounts to a considerable challenge. “Achieving programme and cost security in projects like this depends on having a comprehensive and coordinated initial assessment and a survey of all existing facilities,” reveals Ingo Huber “Since 2002 we have successfully managed over €150 M of investment for the Upper Austria Thermenholding GmbH – and on schedule. Our success is built on teamwork. So our consultant team will again successfully overcome this challenge together and achieve the budgetary and programme targets.

DELTA’s efficient project platform Datenpool is also being used: