TRIGOS Award 2019: DELTA is one of the top 3 companies in the “employee initiatives” category

Trigos_2019 DELTA

147 companies submitted for the TRIGOS Award 2019 in six different categories. DELTA was nominated as one of the top 3 companies in the category of employee initiatives.

The TRIGOS is the most prestigious Austrian award for responsible and sustainable business and was presented for the 16th time this year. The prize is awarded to companies that play a leading role and set an example for responsible business practices and sustainability and contribute to the future viability of the Austrian economy, society and environment.

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DELTA has lived cooperation based on partnership since its foundation in 1977 and raised awareness for this topic across the industry, especially in the last 10 years. DELTA implements sustainable projects based on partnership and engages in associations with lectures, workshops, the management of working groups etc. in Austria and internationally. At present, agile working gets more important and Lean Management is being run on construction sites. The conversion to a dialog-oriented intranet will offer employees even more interactivity. DELTA places people at the center of planning and the entire construction process.

Values ​​at DELTA

Appreciation, sustainability and entrepreneurial thinking, as well as promotion of the common good and individual development are top priorities at DELTA. These values ​​are laid down in a DELTA manual and are very well integrated among all employees. Basically, the interaction between each other is determined by reflection and feedback as well as an active error culture. In addition, it’s a matter of responsibility and cohesion within the DELTA Group and also about the active involvement of customers and partners. This world of values is affectionately referred to by customers as the “DELTA Spirit”.

Culture at DELTA

At DELTA, there is an international cultural team across all locations that meets and exchanges periodically. This is the guarantee that cultural development happens within the DELTA group and in construction projects managed by DELTA. With regular company excursions, information events, external workshops and transparent communication, cultural development is firmly anchored in DELTA’s everyday life. With the previous experience in partnership-based project management and focused team building, the culture also influences every new cooperation and every new construction project. In that way, a functioning system is steadily continued.

Trigos-2019-nominees in the category of employee initiatives

Nominees in the category of employee initiatives


18 companies were nominated in 6 categories

18 companies were nominated in 6 categories